Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harvest 2008 Part 6

It is quite a juggling act trying to continue to process grapes, rack off the wines that have finished fermenting, and press the newly fermented red wines.  Among other things, this all creates a logistical nightmare.  While it is very important for each of these things to be done in a timely fashion, I often discover that I need a certain tank for some grapes coming in but it has wine in it.  So now I have to move that wine into some other tank or probably 2 smaller tanks before I can process my grapes.  At this point, most of our tanks have something in them.  But there are still several varieties of grapes to be harvested. 

Next step is to get red wines that have been pressed and settling, into barrels.  This is a time consuming process as the barrels will need to be re-hydrated with steam and water since they have been empty for some time.  When barrels remain empty, the wooden staves shrink up and the barrels will leak.

First to go into the barrels will be our Syrah, which has turned out to be absolutely beautiful.  Despite the earlier rain, we have excellent color, very deep.  In addition, the wine smells wonderful.  I look for great things from this one.

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