Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great New Website - Check it Out!

I want to share a brand new website with everyone.  It is  These folks came to North Carolina and interviewed winemakers from a number of the top wineries in the Yadkin Valley.  There are many interesting videos discussing the wines and how they are made, as well as information about the wineries and winemakers themselves.

 In the lower left hand corner there is a list of various informational pieces.  One is "Chardonnay with winemaker Linda King".  Why, that's me!!!  If you would like to hear my spiel and see me talk (mostly with my hands) on how I make my award winning Chardonnay, our best selling wine, you need to watch the video.  Never thought I would be on U-Tube, but there I am:)

 I hope you will enjoy this virtual winery tour of several of the wineries of the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina and be inspired to come visit us.  And please keep checking back at the site, because there will be more on RagApple Lassie Vineyards, the wineries of the Yadkin Valley and wineries from across the country as the site develops.  It is a truly unique and very educational website.

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