Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Other Side of Lodi – White Wine Extravaganza (part 2)

Here is the other half of the Lodi white wine program from the AWS Conference in Destin, FL.  There are some very unique and delicious wines in the mix.

2008 Harney Lane Albarino – Very small production at only 150 cases so this was a treat to get to taste.  The aroma was that of canned pears with the pear following through in the flavor.  Just a really nice, well balanced wine.  Very slight residual sweetness at .3% brings out the fruit beautifully.  $19.00

2008 Bokisch Clements Hills Albarino – interestingly, this one smelled just like canned fruit salad.  This was a luscious, fruity wine with a long finish and lots of complexity.  I would buy this one and the Harney Lane in a heartbeat.  14% alcohol.  $16.00

2008 Jessie’s Grove Chardonnay – my favorite Lodi Chardonnay.  I was glad to see it in the lineup.  This wine did not disappoint.  It is barrel fermented, with ripe pineapple in the nose, as well as perfectly balanced fruit, vanilla, oak and butter in the flavors.  Very complex with a long finish.  15.5% alcohol.  $18.00

2007 Watts Chardonnay – this Chardonnay was a little sweet – something I am not a fan of.  It had some unusual characteristics to it, as I was picking up some licorice.  It seemed clean and well made but a bit off the beaten track.  I need to try this again sometime.  14% alcohol.  $12.00

2007 Peltier Station Viognier – lovely peachy aroma, lots of fruit, nice balance with a long finish.  A little more subdued than the next one but a beautiful wine nonetheless.  14.8% alcohol.  $16.00

2007 Incognito Viognier -  this is one of the offerings from Michael-David winery.  Lots of apricot, peach, and tropical flavors and aromas.  It was obvious this was very ripe fruit.  Lingering flavors just wanted you to smack your lips.  $19.00.  A whopping 16% alcohol.  Don’t try to blow out a candle after consuming this one.

2008 – Mokelumne Glen Dreirebe –  This winery specializes in German varieties grown in Lodi.  Here is a late harvest wine that is a blend of some of these German varieties.  It was harvested at 33.3 brix.  This wine would be classified a Beerenauslase in Germany, which is one of the highest sweetness and quality levels there.  At over 11% residual sugar, this was a dessert wine that was dessert all by itself.  Very rich and full bodied.  Lots of luscious flavors and very different from many of the dessert wines I have had.  12.4% alcohol.  $20.00

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