Friday, December 4, 2009

Appetizer and Wine Matching for the Holidays

I recently received the following comment regarding matching some appetizers with wine for the holidays.  I have a few ideas and would be happy to try to pair a wine with your favorite appetizer if you will send the information.  In addition, I encourage you to send matchings that have worked for you and I will publish them here.

With the holidays fast approaching, will you be giving any pairings? Simple appetizers with appropriate wines to serve?

Maybe some of your readers have something that is different but easy and good. You could suggest a wine to go with it.

Thank you.

Here is my first offering: This appetizer is super easy and very elegant.  The ingredients are:   water crackers, cream cheese with chives, and caviar.  It is not necessary to buy expensive caviar(unless you want to).  There are small cans of caviar available at a reasonable price that will work just fine, and you only use a small amount.

Simply spread the cream cheese on the crackers and place a little caviar in the middle, maybe a half teaspoon.  Don't make these too far ahead of time as they will get soggy.

The perfect wine match?  Champagne!  Oops, sorry.  We are no longer allowed to call any wine not made in Champagne, France by the name "champagne".  So let me correct that to "sparkling wine".  My favorite is Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir.  I like the richer flavors of a Blanc de Noir as apposed to a Blanc de Blanc.  The difference between the two is that a Blanc de Blanc is a white wine made from white grapes.  In this case, that would be Chardonnay.  A Blanc de Noir, on the other hand is white wine made from red grapes or red and white grapes.  The Gloria Ferrer is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  I think the Blanc de Noir is richer and has more body.

Gloria Ferrer  Blanc de Noir is available in the $20.00 price range, making it a pretty affordable sparkling wine.

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