Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Appetizer and Wine Matching for the Holidays - 2

I received this super easy recipe from my friend Shirley in PA.   It doesn't get much easier than this.  I am sure you could embellish it if you want.  I am thinking sprinkling some chopped pecans on top would be nice but there are endless possibilities.

You need one small wheel of Brie.  Role the whole thing in flour, beaten egg, and then bread crumbs.  Brown both sides and the edges in butter or oil (but my choice would be butter), until golden brown.  Serve warm with crackers.

Wine recommendations:  With the richness of Brie and the buttery component, my choice would be a barrel fermented Chardonnay.  Some considerations would be Jessie's Grove from Lodi, Tobin James from Paso Robles, or, of course, RagApple Lassie from the Yadkin Valley, North Carolina.

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